Sycamore Brewing


July Recap

When you begin building a brewery, the sheer number of stars that must align is mind-blowing. Between coordinating the construction, the equipment, the permitting, and the un-ending smaller details, the scope of the project is huge! For this very reason, we have been guarded about setting a specific date for our grand opening. So many times, we have seen a brewery do just this only to have to postpone the big event. All it takes is one hiccup and the schedule can be easily derailed. However, we have finally crested the steepest part of the brewery's build, and we think, just maybe, the end is in sight.

If we had to call it right now, and please understand that we still have a great number of uncertainties, we think our doors will finally open later this September.

Brewhouse arrival day was such a huge milestone for us.

At this point, our equipment is nearly all on site; process piping has begun; and with any luck, we should be firing it all up and brewing next month. (After what is quickly becoming nearly three years of preparing, just typing that feels surreal!)

The brewery's outdoor areas have really come together! Streetscape improvements are almost completed, with new trees and sidewalks both in front of the brewery and along the light rail trail. The building has a fresh, new coat of barn-red paint, and in large areas where there was once asphalt, we have green-spaces for enjoying a fresh beer on those perfect Carolina afternoons. The patio will also be wrapped up soon, complete with pea-gravel, plantings and a shaded pergola. On the best days, a large retractable glass door will open to the taproom and allow a natural breeze and the flow traffic to move back and forth freely.

On the inside of the taproom, the space has transformed! Every day, the aesthetic of a dark, old auto garage has steadily disappeared, and in its place, we have created a space with lots of natural light, a prominent bar, and a very natural finish. A highlight is the large amount of North Carolina lumber that we bought from a Pittsboro family who had two of their trees locally milled and carefully stored over seven years ago. You can even see the lines on the boards from where they rested on their stacking spacers for so many seasons.



...and nearly there.  

...and nearly there.  

Please keep your fingers crossed for our timeline. Declaring an opening date, even loosely, is a risky proposition, and we do not want to disappoint. Every day we are fighting to open our doors as soon as possible, and if all goes as planned, we're nearly there!