Sycamore Brewing


South End #CraftCrawl on 3/15

In case you haven't heard, there will be a neighborhood "Craft Crawl" in South End on Saturday, March 15th.

The crawl begins at noon at Triple C with a specially hopped cask of their 3C IPA.  From there you’ll head over to Good Bottle at 2pm, and then continue on to Lenny Boy and Sycamore for 4pm.  At 6pm you’ll move over to Unknown where you can try their 10% ABV Naughty by Nature. Eight o'clock is World of Beer, and the day finishes off at the Common Market at 10pm. 

Sounds like a perfect day if you ask us!  Not to mention, free transportation will be provided by the Charlotte Trolley.  The full itinerary and special beer offerings are listed on Historic South End’s site here:

While we can’t pour our beer on-site yet, we can brew a small-batch. So, we're setting up the pilot brewhouse at our building, 2161 Hawkins Street, and brewing a delicious Red IPA.  Powered by propane and a 1994 Ford F-150, this should be a pretty special brew day -- weather permitting.


We'll have grain and hop samples from the batch to taste and smell and are excited to walk you through the process.  We'll gladly answer questions about brewing, our building’s transformation, or any other musings about the world that you may have after several hours of great beers.  We’ll even have our plans on-hand, so with a little imagination you’ll hopefully be able to visualize our brewery and awesome tasting room -- opening in a few short months.

Did we mention that we’ll have snacks?  Yes, we’ll also have some freshly made pimento cheese (that we'll be serving when we open).  So grab a beer or kombucha (or both) at Lenny boy, then walk down the street to our brewery's future home.  Check out our pilot brewhouse, get involved in the brewing process, our build-out, and have some snacks.

Weather permitting, we'll see you Saturday! RSVP here.