Sycamore Brewing


Interior Design Edition

It goes without saying that the most important aspect of any good brewery should be the beer.  It has to be fresh and delicious.  Those of you who follow us on social media know that we’ve been working feverishly to perfect our recipes in time for our opening this Summer, but constant brewing is only one piece of the puzzle.  


Throughout the process of planning our brewery, having a great taproom has always been very important to me.  For a small, local brewery like ours, we understand your first formal introduction to Sycamore Brewing will be when you walk through our doors at 2161 Hawkins Street.  Our goal is to set the tone, speak to the brand and tell a story about our beer.  That story is simple - all natural, all North Carolina.  The design needs to speak to place and our passion for nothing but natural ingredients.  It must be warm, welcoming and relaxing - your home away from home.


We have a stellar team, and we’ve all been working diligently to turn our (dare I say awesome) ideas into a reality. I won’t share too much about specific materials or palettes, since I want to leave an element of surprise when you first experience our taproom.  Although, I will say how beyond enthusiastic Justin and I are to share the finished product with you -- delicious beer included.