Sycamore Brewing


Before Pictures

Welcome to an inside look at the future home of Sycamore Brewing -- the "before pictures".

Our building was built in 1959 by Ryder Truck Rental.  It began as a service station for the company, and in 1981 (the year I was born), it was converted to a private garage.  Now in 2013, it is getting a full blown makeover for our brewery.

As you can see, it is very raw.  We will overhaul the full electric, water and gas;  sandblast and seal the floor (with the full intention to showcase over 50 years of auto garage use); build new partitions between our future taproom and production; and certainly give it a full aesthetic makeover.

More details are to come, but for now, please enjoy a glimpse of our building in its present state -- just waiting to house our brewhouse and fermenters and many happy times to-be.