Sycamore Brewing


What an Amazing Year!

Last Saturday was incredible! The support shown for Sycamore Brewing's first anniversary was beyond all expectations. Thank you, Charlotte! We feel so lucky to call this city home.

**Gallery Credit: Eric Gaddy of Casting Shadows Photography

When you are moving non-stop and solely focused on what is ahead, it is hard to see the forest through the trees; and we have too rarely taken time to reflect on what a great journey it has been up to this point.

...and what a year it has been!

Sycamore was born with a desire to prioritize all-natural quality and focus on our hometown above all else. We wanted to be creative and celebrate our ingredients, not be constrained by them. Through the support of everyone who has joined us for a few pints, shared Sycamore Brewing with their friends, and ordered our beer around Charlotte, we have been able to stay the course. It still blows my mind that we hit our mark of 100 unique beers in a year! Unreal! (Technically, we opened November 1st, and we tapped number 101 today!)

Even more exciting is our recent purchase of our building and property. This means that Sycamore is not going anywhere anytime soon. South End is our home and we love it here. In our minds, there is nothing better than growing with this beautiful community and city. The days to come are going to see exciting changes for the brewery, and while things are still in planning, the wheels are in motion for some fantastic new additions.

In the nearer future, we are very excited to be on the cusp of packaging! We will begin canning four of our best selling beers, and hopefully, by year's end, you will be able to take Southern Girl, Foxhound, Peak Farm and Countryside home with you in pint sized cans. On top of that, our first ever bottle releases are nearly ready. These will be never-before-released beers out of our barrels. We taste them a few times a week, and they are almost there!

GABF medal winner, Southern Girl Lager

GABF medal winner, Southern Girl Lager

There have been so many other great moments it is hard to list them all. Here are a few that really stand out in my mind:

  • We sold our first beer... ever!

  • Our Countryside IPA won the CBJ's Beer Madness competition.

  • Sycamore and Triple C Brewing did not only the first, but also the second Charlotte-to-Charlotte brewery collaborations with The Boozehound (coming back next month!) and Country Baby.

  • Our lager, Southern Girl, won a medal at the Great American Beer Festival last month.

  • We tripled our production capacity – so much more beer!

  • Sycamore has raised thousands of dollars for various charities that we really believe in. How cool is that?

...and the list goes on.

Finally, a big thank you to all of the people who helped us celebrate our first year of business. We'd like to raise a glass to you all. Cheers to great things ahead!

Sycamore Brewing: Then and Now